Announcing our 2011 Scholarship Recipient—Sana Iqbal

PBKACA is proud to announce our 2011 PBKACA Scholarship recipient, Sana Iqbal. Sana provided PBKACA with the following letter (download the .pdf):

Dear PBKACA Scholarship Committee,

In 2001, when I was a curious 7-year-old girl, I sat on a plane that brought me to the United States, the land of opportunities. As I write this letter to the Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship Committee, I can sincerely admit that there are in fact many opportunities for those who wish to succeed. However, attaining them requires hard work, perseverance, and most importantly motivation.

As an immigrant from Pakistan, coming to Chicago felt like I was entering a whole new world. Although my parents had stable jobs in Pakistan, they knew America offered world-class education for their children. I watched them abandon their dreams so my siblings and I could achieve ours. In a plunging economy, they began working late hours, sometimes even two jobs. Seeing them work so hard, I knew I wanted to grow up to live a comfortable life where I could pay them back. Education was the key. That was when I developed my passion for learning. I enrolled into the International Baccalaureate Programme at Nicholas Senn High School. Surrounded by students who I now call my second family, I challenged myself to take college leveled courses while writing long papers and participating in numerous community service projects around Chicago. There, I discovered my passion for the sciences, especially biology because of its relevance to the human body and our everyday lives. Within four years, I transformed into a well-rounded, motivated student, graduating as valedictorian of Senn’s class for 2011.

With the help of PBKACA, this fall I will take my enthusiasm for learning to Loyola University Chicago. I listed myself as an undecided major in their liberal arts college. This is because there are various subjects within the sciences that interest me. I would like to study them before I chose one as a major to become an expert on. Additionally, IB has allowed me to have international-mindedness. Because of this, I enjoy learning about different cultures and religions. At Loyola, I plan to take advantage of the numerous courses offered to study Spanish and take part in religious studies.

After Loyola, I see myself going for further education in graduate school. I am determined to study science mostly because the field of medicine has always intrigued me. It would be my dream to be a part of it, whether I am a doctor or a scientist researching and making discoveries.

My parents always wanted to have their children grow up to live happy, successful lives, and I am determined to achieve that. I am certain that I possess many of the qualities that make a well-rounded college student. My capacity for learning is endless. With the support of my family and scholarships, I will be able to reach my goals that will not only make a difference in my life, but also in the lives I wish to change with my education and research.

Thanking you,
Sana Iqbal