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2012 Update from Sana Iqbal, our 2011 Scholarship Recipient


It’s hard to believe that I’m well on my way to becoming a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago. My first year flew by, and it was well above my expectations. I enjoyed my classes, whether they took place in large lecture halls with world-renowned guest speakers or in small discussion classrooms where I had the opportunity to analyze the nuts and bolts of major theories. Although it’s just a few steps away from home, Loyola’s campus felt worlds away. I met all kinds of people that introduced me to new studying techniques as well as new restaurants to try. With early morning classes and late night club meetings, Loyola has transformed into my new home, which is something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve spent days exploring the campus and admiring the breathtaking view of the lake, but I still feel like there is so much more to learn about the university and myself.

At the beginning of my second semester, Mrs. Patti Ray contacted me regarding the Phi Beta Kappa Chapter at Loyola. I attended the first official meeting where I had the opportunity to meet its members and learn more about this honor society. Mrs. Ray, a Phi Beta Kappa member, and I organized the first Phi Beta Kappa Information Table at Loyola, which was held later in April and turned out to be a huge success. We had several goodies on the table, including information cards about the society (that I designed), magnetic clips, and delicious cookies with a picture of the Phi Beta Kappa key. It was an honor to meet the executive committee of the Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Loyola, and I look forward to continue working with them.

During my summer vacation, I am working with a Biology professor at Loyola doing research in his lab. I was awarded the Women in Science and Engineering Research (WISER) Fellowship, which allowed me to be paired up with a Loyola faculty member and research with them for the summer. I am very excited to get started on that, and I will keep you updated on any major discoveries I make!

Once again, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for awarding me the PBKACA Scholarship. It was because of your generous gift that I did not have to worry about any financial burdens for my first year of college. I had the opportunity to immerse myself into Loyola’s community and set the groundwork for not only the next three years of my education but also the rest of my life.

Yours truly,
Sana Iqbal