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Update from our 2014 Scholarship Recipient—Davit Ksor

December 2014

Dear PBKACA members,

Once again it is my honor to be a part of this esteemed scholarship program. The first semester of college is often the hardest I’ve been told by many of my seniors on campus, but also the most fun. This is a fact I have experienced firsthand. I have enjoyed nights out attending colloquiums given by professors or eating frozen yogurt with my TA. I have also stayed up late studying for tests or finishing homework that I didn’t quite get at first.

The struggles and joys I’ve experienced this semester are numerous and I cannot wait to start anew in spring. People tell me that physics is the hardest subject on campus, and that it requires ten times more effort than every other major. I’ve managed to succeed so far and I have no intention on stopping. College has certainly opened my eyes to the way the real world works.

I look forward to the upcoming challenges because I know I have many people who are supporting me and hoping for my success. This support has kept my morale and prospects for the future in good standing, I can never thank the members of PBKACA enough.

So here’s to all the hardships and success that come with college.

Sincerely yours,
Davit Ksor