UIC Phi Beta Kappa Chapter 2019-2020 Lectures

Given the PBK tradition of promoting knowledgeable and collegial discussion of topics in the liberal arts and sciences, the UIC chapter of Phi Beta Kappa recently initiated a series lectures for the academic year 2019-2020 to which the community is invited. Each of the lectures will be presented by one of our chapter members.  Suitable for a general audience, each lecture will highlight some aspect of that member’s scholarly interests.

Our first lecture—“The Legacy of Columbus’ Travels”—was delivered by David Diego Rodriguez from the UIC Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies.

Our second lecture—“Listening for What Matters: Avoiding Contextual Errors in Healthcare”—was delivered by Alan Schwartz from the UIC College of Medicine

Our remaining lectures are as follow:

February 12, 2020
“The Bilingual Cognitive Advantage: Does it Really Exist?”
Gary Raney, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Lecture Hall, Humanities Institute, 3:00-4:30

March 18, 2020
“Out of Africa: Human origin and migration from DNA analysis of current and ancient sources”
Simon Silver, Emeritus Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine
Room 1-470, Daley Library, 3:00-4:30

Please join us.